Referral Partners participating in the Reimbursement Program can submit an unlimited number of referrals for $171 per recipient. Referrals are accepted at any time, and every recipient is guaranteed a complete bedding package and expedited delivery.

If you have questions about the Reimbursement Program, contact Becky at or 215-620-9937.

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Bedding Package A complete bedding package includes the following items:

  • New twin-size steel frame, bed-bug resistant and holds up to 1,200 lbs.
  • New twin-size sheet set
  • New blanket

*BONUS* Donations of pillows and mattresses by national manufacturers allow One House at a Time to provide a new pillow and new twin mattress “gratis” for every Bedding Package.

*OPTIONAL* For an additional cost, OHAAT can provide a Protect-A-Bed mattress encasement that is both waterproof and bed bug proof.

Depending on inventory, recipients may also receive a mattress cover, several books, a toothbrush and a stuffed animal. All items are age and gender appropriate.

OHAAT does not provide cribs, toddler beds, bunk beds, or larger-size beds.

Delivery OHAAT volunteers deliver bedding packages directly to recipients living within OHAAT’s delivery area. (Bulk deliveries of 5+ beds may be made to locations outside of this delivery area. Contact us for more information.) Deliveries are made within 9 days of each request pending recipient availability.

OHAAT volunteers do not assemble the beds.

There is no application or membership fee to participate in the Reimbursement Program. Referral Partners simply reimburse OHAAT the cost of serving their clients. OHAAT’s current cost is $171 per recipient and includes a complete bedding package and delivery to recipients living within OHAAT’s delivery area. Mattress encasements are optional and cost an additional $36.

Reimbursements must be paid by the Referral Partner, not their clients. Referral Partners that plan to request fewer than 7 bedding packages each month can prepay or wait to be invoiced and submit payment within 15 days. Referral Partners that plan to request 7 or more bedding packages each month must prepay. OHAAT is an approved vendor for the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), so Referral Partners may also submit referrals funded by PHMC.

Referral Partner Eligibility

  • Referral Partners must provide direct services to low income families living in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery County;
  • and its representatives (e.g. social workers, case managers, etc.) must work one-on-one with clients.
Recipient Eligibility
  • Recipients’ household income must be below the 2017 Poverty Guideline (exceptions may be made for children in foster care);
  • and their residence must be bed bug free for at least 3 months (exceptions may be made if the client is able to accept curbside delivery).

Becoming a Partner

If your organization meets the Referral Partner requirements listed above, then you may apply to become a partner by submitting our online Reimbursement Program Referral Partner Application Form. If you’re unsure whether your organization is an approved Referral Partner, please contact the OHAAT office.

When applying to become a Referral Partner, be prepared to supply the following information:
  • Basic information about your organization;
  • a primary contact person;
  • an estimate of the number of beds your organization plans to request each month;
  • whether or not you would like to limit who can submit referrals, and if so, a list of authorized representatives from your organization;
  • whether or not your organization plans to prepay, submit payment after delivery, or use PHMC funds;
  • and if you’re not using PHMC funds, the name and contact information for the person who will be handling your organization’s payments.

Referring Clients

If your organization becomes an approved Referral Partner, then you’ll receive a 5-digit Referral Partner Code. This code will allow you to refer a client at anytime using our online Reimbursement Program Client Referral Form.

If you are submitting referrals funded by PHMC, we ask that you wait to submit the referral until after PHMC has approved your application. PHMC’s application process can take several months, and we want to ensure that we have the most up-to-date contact information for your client.

If your referral is successfully submitted, you will receive an immediate confirmation email. If you don’t receive an email confirmation, please contact Megan at or 215-346-6427. All clients will receive a call on Thursday morning to schedule their delivery. As long as we reach them by Friday at noon, their delivery will be scheduled for that weekend. (There are occasional exceptions.) Once we schedule a delivery with your client, you will receive a confirmation email stating the scheduled delivery day. After the delivery is successfully made, you will receive a final confirmation email. If at any point during this process we have difficulty reaching your client, we will contact you.

Referrals Funded by PHMC
Learn about the requirements and referral process for referrals funded by the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) and their DHS CUA Emergency Fund, DHS Emergency Fund, and DHS Prevention Assistance Fund.

Reimbursement Program Pre-Referral Form
Use this printable PDF to collect the client information you’ll need for our online referral form.

Bed Bugs Frequently Asked Questions
Every client that you refer to our program will get one of these handouts, and we encourage you to review it with them.

Protecting Yourself from Bed Bugs on the Job
What can you do to protect yourself? Here’s a handy PDF from our friends at the Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program at Penn State. If you’re interested in learning more, check out their website.